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Starry River Photo by M. Hitchner - 2015 Traveler Photo Contest

The Gharameel Desert, located in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia, has wonderful rock formations. Traveler Photo Contest


After a mostly sleepless night spent worrying about the heavy rain and gales battering my tent at the summit of Biodha Buidhe on the Isle of Skye, morning broke calm and quiet. Angry clouds were still hanging low over the Trotternish Ridge, though, and the impressive conditions, coupled with the long days this far north, left me with plenty of time to take some unusual "selfies" on the ridge.

Photo contest - Eduardo Minte Hess / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Photo of the Day: A lake nestled next to a mountain range. Mist and beautiful light add up to make a quintessential Adirondack sunrise. Photo by: Chris Tennant (Williamsburg, Virginia); North Hudson, New York

It is the happiest place on earth.. EVERY YEAR!

How to Photograph the Full Band of the Milky Way

Photographing the Milky Way Our small blue planet is located on a spiral arm, far out from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. When we look towards the galactic center, we can view one of the most spectacular sites imaginable. Thousands of stars are clustered together, to form a hazy band in the sky, known simply as the …

The Fury of Calbuco Volcano Photo by Cote Baeza — National Geographic Your Shot

Lost Arrow Spire | Yosemite Photo by Sebastian Wahlhuetter — National Geographic Your Shot