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圖說90年代中國人的生活 有錢人才能下館子

Men Laden With Tea, Sichuan Sheng, China [1908] Ernest H. Wilson [RESTORED]

Chun Jan Yut with his father Chun Duck Chin, 1899

Vintage Photographs of Pre-Revolution China, 1870-1946 - Six Strongmen In Traditional Dress, China [1909] William Purdom

The Heihe-Tengchong line: 94% of the Chinese population lives east of this line.

Foot Bound Girls, Liao Chow, Shansi, China [c1930] IE Oberholtzer (Probable) [RESTORED] by ralphrepo, via Flickr

OT NOAH'S ARK -- An OPIUM Storage Ship off the Coast of SHANGHAI in OLD CHINA -- A Curse Forced on China by the "Civilized" Nations of the World

Aisin-Gioro Puyi 1906 –1967 of Manchu Aisin Gioro clan, commonly known as Puyi (溥儀), was the last Emperor of China and 12th and final ruler of the Qing dynasty. Still a child, he ruled as Xuantong Emperor from 1908 until his abdication on 12 February 1912, after the successful Xinhai Revolution. In 1934, he was declared the Kangde Emperor of the puppet state of Manchukuo by the Empire of Japan, and he ruled until the end of 2nd Sino-Japanese War in 1945.

Rich Merchants Dining With Singing Girls, Pekin, China [c1901] Benjamin W. Kilburn [RESTORED] by ralphrepo, via Flickr

Armor of an Officer of the Imperial Palace Guard, 18th century. Chinese. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Bequest of George C. Stone, 1935 (36.25.5a–t) #sword