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Postcards from Tohoku: Japan, One Year Later

Iwaki City. Normally, people can swim here. One of the signs on the chairs said, “Do not eat any seafood up north from Chiba prefecture,” and fishermen decided not to fish when results of sea water and seafood tests came back to show high radioactive contamination. Kosuke Okahara. Read more

“People will stand in front of me and not pay me any mind,” Clay Benskin said. “I guess I have no presence.” Going unnoticed on New York City streets is one of Mr. Benskin's greatest advantages as a street photographer — mastering thousands of beautiful black-and-white photos.

Ishinomaki, Miyagi prif, Mar11,2013. by Tsuyoshi Morita, Mainichi Newspapers.宮城県石巻市で2013年3月11日午前9時49分、森田剛史撮影

San Francisco Noir: Photos From the ’40s and ’50s

Fred Lyons’s longtime muse is his hometown, San Francisco, whose streets and people have always beckoned him to dive in with camera in hand, day or night.

Ishinomaki,Miyagi prif. Mar11, Tsuyoshi Morita.Mainichi Newspapers.宮城県石巻市で2013年3月11日午前10時39分、森田剛史撮影

Father and Son; Making Photos While Breaking the Rules

"Father and Son; Making Photos While Breaking the Rules"

Let's adore and endure each other <3

Natori, Miyagi prif. Mar 11,2013. by Tsuyoshi Morita, Mainichi Newspapers.宮城県名取市で2013年3月11日午前5時59分、森田剛史撮影

Kosuke Okahara, Fragments of Fukushima