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Does creating something so humanlike threaten notions of what it means to be human? How much body enhancement is acceptable? And is it wrong that only some people have access to these life-extending technologies?

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Images: DARPA Robotics Challenge

THOR, a Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot, being developed by Virginia Tech is expected to be agile and resilient with perception, planning and human interface technology that infers a human operator's intent, according to the DARPA website.


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7 real-life human cyborgs

7 real-life human cyborgs : See how bionic technology has enhanced people's lives with everything from robotic limbs to electronic eyes.


For 1st Woman With Bionic Arm, a New Life Is Within Reach

Claudia Mitchell's "bionic" arm, which allows her to control parts of the device by her thoughts alone. Woah, real life cyborg! This is awesome.


Electricity From Body Heat : Hybrid Generator

Electricity From Body Heat ✯

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Bionic Humans: Exoskeleton Technology Is Redefining Limits

ALIEN2 PowerLoader ジェイムス・キャメロン監督の映画『エイリアン2』で、リプリー(シガニー・ウィーバー)が着用していたパワードスーツ(パワーローダー)