Inside Renata Pavam's Dance Bag The Goods Advil, leg warmers, calf warmer, ACE bandage (for her ankle or wrapping ice around her calf), black slippers, tape, foot roller, Second Skin, Nivea body spray, dish towels, lipstick, Theraband, homeopathic pellets (for nerves), necklace (for luck), five pairs of pointe shoes, ballet music cassette, accessory bag (with floss for sewing, box cutter, ribbon, elastic, scissors, Band-Aids, Icy Hot).

SFB's Yuan Yuan Tan

Upcycled Altoids container = Bun Box for dance hair.

Tricia Albertson's Dance Bag The Goods Packable bag (“It folds up into itself, which is awesome”), iPod, pointe shoes, sewing supplies, superglue, Advil, energy bars, Be Free Where You Are, tennis balls, Music for Ballet Class CD, Flip video camera, trash bag hip warmers, hand sanitizer, leotard, deodorant, makeup, sunglasses, makeup sponges, Emergen-C, Traumeel

OK, not music, but cue the march for the SIlly Walks!

ABT's Sarah Lane

Inside L.A. Ballet principal Allynne Noelle's dance bag. Photo by Rose Eichenbaum.

Dance Bags

What's in your dance bag? #ballet #ballerina

Houston Ballet's Danielle Rowe. Photo by Kyle Froman.

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