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Inside Renata Pavam's Dance Bag The Goods Advil, leg warmers, calf warmer, ACE bandage (for her ankle or wrapping ice around her calf), black slippers, tape, foot roller, Second Skin, Nivea body spray, dish towels, lipstick, Theraband, homeopathic pellets (for nerves), necklace (for luck), five pairs of pointe shoes, ballet music cassette, accessory bag (with floss for sewing, box cutter, ribbon, elastic, scissors, Band-Aids, Icy Hot).

Yuan Yuan Tan's Dance Bag. Pointe magazine – Ballet at its Best.

Renata Pavam is in this photo. She just launched an amazing ballet photo site. Love her dancing and her photos are gorgeous!

Natalia Alonso's Dance Bag. Le Sportsac bag, DL Fit ball (“It’s a massage, exercise and stability ball all in one), scarf, water, iPhone (“Smartphones are just a human necessity at this point”), ballet slippers, legwarmers, vitamins, Altoids, Dove deodorant and body mist, Barre bars (“My favorite! I love that they’re made by dancers, for dancers”), iPod (“It has everything—music I dance to, music I teach to, music that helps me forget that I’m nervous if I’m about to dance…”), Kindle

Upcycled Altoids container = Bun Box for dance hair.

Sarah Lane's Dance Bag Essentials arranged inside with smaller bags: sewing supplies, makeup, hairpins & Thera-Bands. I buy tiny samples & change them up. “Right now CLEAN & Michael Kors. Fresh tinted lip gloss. Must-have item: My gel toe spacers, for my bunions. The Goods hairpins, Thera-Bands, shower gel, pointe shoes, makeup & perfumes, exercise ball (dryer ball from Bed Bath & Beyond), flowered bag with sewing supplies, flip flops (to wear in the studio showers), foot roller.

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OK, not music, but cue the march for the SIlly Walks!

Pointe magazine – Ballet at its Best. - Inside Sarah Lamb's Dance Bag

PBT Dancer Elysa looking through her dance bag.

Carla Korbes Dance Bag. Pointe magazine – Ballet at its Best. Show and Tell: Inside Carla Körbes's Dance Bag ’80s-looking bobby pin bag, Brazil sweatshirt, pink thread, bobby pin bag, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera, Super Good Stuff supplements, deodorant, gum, Smartwater, hair brush, legwarmers, back warmer, Sprint phone, exercise ball, scissors, lighter, masking tape, powder, Traumeel, toe pads, pointe shoes, flat shoes, Thera-Bands, Mondetta bag