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This is SUCH a great way to practice equations and algebra. Each number on the clock is represented by an equation. Our students made some unique “geeky” clocks this year.

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Equation Top-it: Two-Step

Equation Top-it: Two-Step Equations! It is similar to the card game War but students must solve two-step equations to get their solution. Comes with a beginner and difficult set (40 equation cards in each set). Great for middle school math classrooms during algebra units. Works as a math center or as a whole class game in partners.

Solving Two Step Equations Color Worksheet Practice 1

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Slope and Linear Equations: "Choose Your Own Journey" Book

These books will help your students to practice finding and interpreting slope, writing linear equations, and graphing. Within the story are situations in which the reader must solve real - world problems using linear equations. All student work is done directly in the book.

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Beginning of the year

Slope - interactive discovery exercise - Geogebra

Students independently and effectively discover the concepts behind Slope. You be the facilitator!Most students just accept equations and theorems as a given in math. But, in many cases, the theorems and equations are just an extension of what they already know or have previously studied.

Linear Equations and Graphs Card Sorts and Activities

Linear Equations and Graphs Card Games and Activities

Linear Equations with pipe cleaners

Cornell Notes on Two-Step Step Equations followed by a maze activity for students to practice. FREEBIE!