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ワロタww  ってか、今日って、PIn調子悪くねぇ?自分の打った、PIn見えないし。どうなってんだww・・??//// Tweet posting @ BKK

Beautiful honor of a loved one...their initials in the wings...I am leaning towards this one..on my shoulder with both grandparents initials!!

It's like a watercolor painting. colorblInd this. colibri, wanderlust. Again with the colors

Love the organic feel and color of this one

Custom Color Hummingbird Tattoo - Bayside Tattoo, Traverse City Tattoo Shop

Phoenix tattoo - I love the top right corner's head design.

Hummingbirds can also symbolize celebration of life, hope, and joy. Also, they are the symbol of appreciating each moment and taking note of everything that is around you.