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Peering into the micro world

Under a magnification of 1438x, this scanning electron micrograph reveals some of the ultrastructural details seen on the surface of a "crimson clover", Trifolium incarnatum flower petal.

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Insects magnified one million times

Plants seen in the Scanning Electron Microscope. Lichen.

Insects magnified one million times

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African Plumes Raven + Lily Wall Stencil

Raven+Lily Stencil Collection - African Plumes Wall and Furniture Stencil | Royal Design Studio

Under the powerful eye of the SEM, ordinary (but usually-overlooked) objects like flower petals, mushroom gills and even housefly noses become ethereal works of art. Beetle exoskeletons, mosquito bodies and bird feathers are suddenly transformed into fascinating landscapes of alien worlds.

Cochlea from Inner Ear. Color-enhanced SEM of the inside of a guinea pig inner ear showing the hearing organ, or cochlea. Running along the spiral structure are rows of sensory cells which respond to different frequencies of sound. The whole organ is just a few millimeters long.