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yutaiguchi: yaruo: yuco: raurublock: Savannah Cat Magic - The Tallest Cat In The World (12 pics + video) イエネコとサーバルを掛け合わせた Savanna Cat というハイブリッドな猫の Magic ちゃん。体長43cmで、ギネスブックでも世界最大の飼い猫として登録されてるそうな。Savanna Cat って、性格的には猫よりも犬に近く、頭も良くて主人の言うことをよく聞くらしい。

yuria: ベンジャミン

Serval. Animal portrait by Wil Wardle. This African wild cat lives on the savanna. Relative to its body size (2-3 feet,) it is the longest-legged cat in the world. It does not like to climb, but is a very fast runner and agile jumper. The population has been reduced due to killing it for its fur.

Gorgeous Chartruex, the official cat of France. Known for their sweet, playful personalities.

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