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Japan Turkey and Greece

Yuri Plisetsky / Ivan Braginsky / Victor Nikiforov || Crossover! Hetalia: Axis Power x Yuri!!! on ICE #YOI #APH

Bwahahaha...Greece looks heavier than he looks.<<<is this a reference to the Greek bailout plan ? Unlikely but lol

Japan, Nekotalia Greece, America and Japan, Hetalia


Yep, in the anime and manga he had the jitters. SO it would make sense that Spain would teach him dancing with his guitar to help with the jitters

Alfred met Walt Disney in France in 1918, when he was an ambulance driver for the Red Cross. They were instant friends. Some of his most beloved movies are based on stories Alfred remembered hearing from Arthur as a child. — chocalateandcheeseburgers

I am in love with the concept of Gakuen Hetalia! And "Gakuen Fiesta" is one of my favorite songs now!

Hetalia- China