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Brides's gold filigree ornament on wedding day. Viana do Castelo - Portugal

Azuleios, Portugal

Tibetan girl in a traditional ceremonial costume

Ninfa a Cavalo (Parque Eduardo VII) Lisboa Portugal

Wedding uchikake, kimono and accessories - called shiromuku - for traditional Shinto weddings in Japan. All is white - “white” can be dyed with any color, so shiromuku means that brides are ready to be dyed with color of groom. “White” has also been regarded as a sacred color for many years, so Japanese people have believed shiromuku to be suitable for the wedding ceremony held at sacred and religious places.

Contemplate the Greatest Treasure of Portuguese Jewelry... created to please God with gold from an far away African Kingdom ... stolen by Napoleon... and saved from the melting by a German prince... Now it is awaiting for YOUR visit... A Custódia de Belém é um ostensório português de ouro e esmalte datado de 1506 cuja autoria é atribuída a Gil Vicente. Considerada a obra-prima da ourivesaria portuguesa, foi encomendada pelo rei D. Manuel I de Portugal para a Capela Real. D. Manuel deixaria…

wedding kimono couple

China | The bridegroom (Miao ethnic group) embraces his bride on their wedding ceremony held in a village of Sansui County, Guizhou Province | © Qin Gang/Xinhua Press/Corbis

traditional portuguese clothes :)

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