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"When does desire awaken? Who awakens it? Why? What makes one person unique and worthy of my desire's aliveness? Aren't all worthy? If so, who stirs this thing in me for one and not the other? When do the mannerisms of movement and the pedestrian gestures of being cease to be ordinary? When do her movements, her walk, her steps, her arms, her eyes, her lips, her smile, her voice, her hips, all begin to assume an individual glory in my observatory?" ~ ♤Dammy O' (Tokyo 1958 Photo: Marc Riboud)

Henri Cartier-Bresson Japan, Kyoto. 1965

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Could be a representation of the Hogwarts Owlery! - black and white photgraph by Fiona Gohari

How truly small on this planet we are... How truly magnificent is our Creator with all His selfless agape love. The waves have so little power compared to His.

彼女の存在、その破片: Her presence and debris: illustration by Tamae Mizukami

The chilren running through the halls to escape on their first day of training

Japanese/French influence in design. Love this