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Sons of Anarchy

Mud man from the Asaro River Valley, New Guinea, dons a helmet of dried clay and smears mud over his body to portray an evil spirit. - National Geographic | July 1969

Earthbag Construction -- Great pictures here of amazing applications around the world!

Cancun, Mexico  'Underwater Museum'


Earthen Architecture: 15 of the World's Dirtiest Buildings

This cob house is pretty cool! I like that the material allows for cheap, unique architectural designs.

Christina Bothwell When the Body Sleeps, the Spirit Travels cast glass, ceramics 24 x 29 inches

Start making art again. Mainly ceramic, see if I can find a good ceramic evening session somewhere.

followthewestwind: “ Papillio Ulysess in a Courtship flight ”

This is one of our larger specialty shapes that we call Picket. It can be set in this braid-like pattern (which we love), as well as vertically and horizontally. Where would you install this shape?