I love morning doves!

Winter day

Nothing better to be gardening with the voice of a morning dove in the back ground. I'm so ready to start planting.

Perched on an icicle...

Gallery Of North Texas Birds | Mourning Dove (Seen in The Woodlands, TX)

Awwww... Can't wait until Pixie and Crickets babies look like this ❤️

We have blackbirds in our garden all the time...it's the pears we keep feeding them...they love em.

On the fence...but still undecided! Not a good place to be... And some will live their whole lives here... On the fence, undecided. HAHAHA

House sparrow--the English word "sparrow", is a term for small active birds, coming from a root word referring to speed.[30][31] The Latin word domesticus means "belonging to the house", like the common name a reference to its association with humans.

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