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The Crested Partridge (Rollulus rouloul) also known as the Crested Wood Partridge, Roul-roul, Red-crowned Wood Partridge, Green Wood Quail or Green Wood Partridge is a gamebird in the pheasant family Phasianidae of the order Galliformes, gallinaceous birds. It is the only member of the genus Rollulus. This small partridge is a resident breeder in lowland rainforests in south Burma, south Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.

Himalayan Monal (Lophophorus impejanus )

Crested Wood Partridge

Shoebill...also known as Whalehead or Shoe-billed stork, is very large stork-like bird. It lives in tropical east Africa.

Female Electus Parrot. Native to Solomon Islands, New Guinea, northeastern Australia & the Maluku Islands.

A Striped Manakin, a small South American birdie (and a beautiful one, indeed!) (Photo by Juan Ochoa)

Hamerkop — weird bird of Kruger Nat’l. Park in South Africa