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Max Cooper - Seething - Official Video by Andy Lomas on Vimeo

Cellular Forms. Cellular Forms uses a simplified model of cellular growth to create intricate sculptural shape. Structures are created out o...

Horst Janssen(1929-1995)/「Franz-Josef Degenhardt」(1968)

A team led by Wyss Institute Core Faculty member L. Mahadevan used numerical simulations and answered an age-old question that has vexed scientists for years: how did the outer layer of the mammalian brain (gray matter) become so convoluted atop the brain’s inner white matter? It turns out that at the heart of the brain matter is a relatively simple mechanical instability whereby the gray matter is constrained by the white matter, which leads to the characteristic folds and crevasses

Wolfgang Tillmans

Video showing the progress over time of a number of simulations from the Aggregation series. These use variations on Diffusion Limited Aggregation to create a rich…

ハツカネズミ(Hathukanezumi) 分類:哺乳類 ネズミ目 ネズミ科 学名:Mus musculus 作品サイズ:36mm

Unofficial video for Panda Bear's "Alsatian Darn" by Ori Toor. This should be the official video.

Takehiko Higuchi

Video, Audio and Image installation at OFFF 2007 (NYC) Visuals by Michael Paul Young Soundtrack by Michael Cina In mathematics, especially in geometry and topology, an ambient space is the space surrounding a mathematical object. For example, a line may be studied in isolation, or it may be studied as an object in two-dimensional space — in which case the ambient space is the plane, or as an object in three-dimensional space — in which case the ambient space is ...

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