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Soviet soldier, sitting in the ruins of Stalingrad, writes a letter upon the end of the battle, January 1943.

The Battle of Berlin rages on but this German soldier needs to take a break. Behind him the Reichstag building is in flames but he would care less. April 1945.

German soldiers fighting off a Russian attack during the Battle of Stalingrad, c1942. The soldier on the left is using an MG34 light machine gun. (Colourised by Doug)

Soviet soldier with a kitten in the trenches.

So many awesome (and well touched-up) old pictures on this page. This one is: "Soviet soldiers stop for a break in 1945 on the outskirts of Berlin."

Soviet soldier smashing a poster of Adolf Hitler with his rifle.

windwrinkle: ketchingupwithketchmark: Hiroshi Hamaya - Niigata, 1956 eheheeeee

Robert Capa A French boy eating chocolate given to him by American soldiers, 1944

Nobuyoshi Oda, 1860-1926, dentist and resistance activist in Tosa(Kouchi), Japan. 織田信福

PK-Aufnahme Kriegsberichter Reimers 28.2.44 [Herausgabedatum] Zentralbild: II. Weltkrieg 1939-45 An der Front in der Sowjetunion. Ende Februar 1944. Bei der sowjetischen Offensive zur Befreiung des Leningrader Gebietes Januar-März 1944 räumen die deutschen Truppen das ganze Gebiet zwischen Ilmensee und Finnischem Meerbusen bis zum Peipus-See.

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