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幾何学的なシンボル,ブラックホール,最初,ほとんど,宇宙,Divine Geometric,Geometry 3,Geometry In Landscape,Art Nature Sacred Geometry

神聖な幾何学アート,ポスター,グラフィック,旅行者,イラスト,Geometry Third,Graphic Logic,Graphic Arts,Oculto Pablo

Leonardo da Vinci's Principles for a Complete Mind: 1) Science of art. 2) Art of science. 3) Learn to see. 4) Realize everything connects to everything. /

➰ Alchemy is most commonly described in chemical terms, and alchemists were also frequently chemists. The common concept of turning lead into gold is about refining the coarse and common into the rare and the perfect (art via tracciamenti) Sacred Geometry <3

Cristian Boian : wall forms, digital art