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Tom Hiddleston "Loki" Great action gif from "The Avengers"

Like all the things he had to keep track of. get his left leg over just right so he didn’t kick or step on her without taking the split so far he tore his costume or pulled the flap far enough to cause some poor soul in the CGI department some extra work. control his right knee so he didn’t knee her in the back. plant his right hand correctly so he didn’t land on her. have the correct expression on his face

the place of feeling at ease by ~tatsuri

I dunno...kitty!kid!Loki is a kinda cute idea...and Thor probably has to be twice as protective over him because just look at him!!

Avengers // Tom Hiddleston on set.

Tom Hiddleston. Via

Thomas Sharpe & Loki by fanart

Joss Whedon and Tom Hiddleston... Rehearsing a shot *gif*

Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine in The Night Manager