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The sheer emotion in this photo

Thor and Loki (colour pencils) by Quelchii Fan Art / Traditional Art / Drawings / Movies & TV©2014 Quelchii

Lullaby by tatsuri


suit by tatsuri

Thomas Sharpe & Loki by fanart

Thor and Loki as in the Marvel movies. I'm running out of titles... This Picture is made in GIMP as usual. About... 30-40 hours, I kind of lost count. I stole the pattern on Mjølnir from a plastic ...

the place of feeling at ease by ~tatsuri

I dunno...kitty!kid!Loki is a kinda cute idea...and Thor probably has to be twice as protective over him because just look at him!!

Mini Thor and Loki - Milk And Cookies by caycowa on deviantART