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Phazed trippy psychedelic beauty blood

こういうサイケデリックな感じのキノコ画像って好き。 このアリスは、絶対違うきのこ食べちゃったwwwww OZNEO OZNEOさんは、他にもぶっ飛んでるアニメGIFをたくさん作っているのでみてみるといいよ。 出典: ozneo

Phazed- I think that the person who this tumblr begins to is the artist but they didn't label it :( This is the bad thing about tumblr but the great thing about pinterest- with the latter you can almost ALWAYS find the creator and of course the original digital source. Not always w tumblr. I'm starving! Time for cereal I think...wait, is this thing still on?