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23 Ways To Make Your Pies More Beautiful

Cool pie crusts

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РАЗДЕЛКА ТЕСТА. СПОСОБЫ ФОРМИРОВАНИЯ булочек,пирогов и многое другое

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Gorgeous dessert for Thanksgiving

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Try these 3 easy pie decorations - perfect for the holidays!

芸術の秋はパイもアート風に!「パイの編み方」アレンジをご紹介 - macaroni

Looking to upgrade your pie crust this #Thanksgiving? Here are some of our go-tos. A. Pinch dough to crimp, then use a fork to mark edge. B. Use a fork to crosshatch marks. C. Braid three strips of dough and adhere them with egg wash. D. Flatten with a fork. E. Pinch to crimp. F. Cut tabs and alternate folding forward. G. Mark twice with an inverted spoon. H. Cut out leaf shapes, mark veins with a knife, and adhere with egg wash. Get more Kitchen Wisdom online…

DIY: Lace Patterned Pie Crust by Rolling Dough with a Lace Doily on Top of the Dough. So genius!

A melon has been made into a frog with it's mouth filled with lots of colourful fruit. It can be used as a table display to tempt children to eat fruit. #healthy

Pie Crust Decorations

Its still summer if we try hard enough. Watermelon sushi More

Beautiful Pie Crust