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Dotaku(Bronze bell), late Yayoi period

a tibetan bronze temple bell - 19th century with various inscriptions in Tibetan dBu.can script (36cm H)

Kongo Bosatsu statue at Ninna-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan 金剛華菩薩 仁和寺

2000-1550 BCE. Bottle made of an ostrich egg. The bands, handle and neck are made of bronze. The blending of Syrian elements with Egyptian culture created the classic Canaanite culture. Middle Canaanite Bronze 2 Period Hecht Museum, Haifa. Israel.

A huge temple bell. look how the monk is trying ring the bell.

Buddhist Temple Bell 11th century bronze H: 41 3/8 in. x Diam.: 26 3/4 in. Ho-Am Art Museum

Hieizan Enryaku-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan

The design of the manhole cover is of Dotaku, bronze bells from the late Yayoi Period (2nd and 3rd centuries) and reflect the large number of archeological sites associated with this ancient part of Japan. Not much is known for sure about dotaku, though they were probably ritual objects used in early agricultural rites, and that they were introduced, like so much in early Japan, from Korea.

Haniwa Armored Man (Burial Figure) - Kofun period - 300 AD-710 AD - 3rd-7th Century - National Treasure of Japan-


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