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Dotaku(Bronze bell), late Yayoi period

Tibetan bronze temple bell. (19th Century)

HORYU-JI TEMPLE The Oldest Wooden Buildings on Earth from the Asuka Period (552-710) We can trace the early origins of Horyu-ji to 587 AD when Emperor Yomei ordered the construction of a Buddhist temple to help with the cure of his ailing health. A number of skilled craftsmen, carpenters, monks and designers came from Korea to the Yamato Court to help in the creation of the temple and to establish Buddhism as a new religion in Japan.

Temple Bells | Japanese Temple Bell

Africa | Bell "omo" of the "ogboni" society from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Bronze with traces of corrosion

Ceiling paint at Kennin Temple, Kyoto, Japan


Japanese temple bell bronze buddhist

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Tetsu Kuro Urushi nuri Kon ito Odoshi Mogami dou maru. late Muromachi period.

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Walking Kyoto – Sanjusangendo

Temple bell