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Dotaku(Bronze bell), late Yayoi period

a tibetan bronze temple bell 19th century The shaped body with various inscriptions in Tibetan dBu.can script, supporting a looped handle for attachment 36 cm high

Ceiling paint at Kennin Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Temple Bells | Japanese Temple Bell


Africa | Bell "omo" of the "ogboni" society from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Bronze with traces of corrosion


津田楼, 京都 日本 - "Tsudaro" Restaurant, Bar in Kyoto Japan

Japanese temple bell bronze buddhist

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Tetsu Kuro Urushi nuri Kon ito Odoshi Mogami dou maru. late Muromachi period.

Hanging Iron Lantern, Kamakura Period, (Dated 1319) Donated by Mr. Soichiro Suzuki Important Cultural Property EK 48 Kyoto National Museum. From the openwork inscription, it is known to be the oldest dated hanging lantern in Japan. This lantern was made by Sadasumi of Owari Province, and was formerly owned by Choryoji Temple in Hakusan.