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Another picture of RU 251 Spähpanzer Kette. Equipped with the 90 mm M36 from Patton 47. According to the sources, tank could reach a speed of 80 km/h.

KV-3, Object 223 - Experimental tank based on KV-1. Longer chassis (7 rollers per side). New 850 hp V-2SN engine. 130 mm armor. New conic turret. 107mm ZiS-6 cannon. One prototype was constructed and proved in 1941, and mass production was planned to begin the same year. The German invasion halted these plans. Subsequently, the sole prototype was destroyed in battle against German heavy guns.

Massive penetration holes again on another allied Sherman tank!! I think they used to call them Purple Heart boxes


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Two StuGe III Ausf. G abandoned on a road to Rome exterminated by men from 4th US Army, January 1944.

The German ‘tank destroyer”, the Jagdpanzer Sd.Kfz.184 “Ferdinand” during driving and gunnery tests at Kummerstdorf proving ground, Spring 1943


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Versuchs-Jagdpanther (V-101), prototype of the Jagdpanther circa 1943.

Maus Heavy Tank, never saw battle, only two were ever built and they never got their armaments