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Mirror Barrel Pattern: Useful for learning/teaching one rein riding and carrot stick riding .... and as a barrel race, even lead changes, stop at the start point, drop the rein and fold your arms for 10 seconds without your horse moving. Building an balanced relaxed horse and emotional fitness! Thank you Russell Higgins!

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Barrel Racing – Improving the first barrel turn

Spiral Jumping Exercise - would also be good for contesting/trail horses as just simple cavaletti.

The Reeling: An Unexpected Mareventure: The Joyfully Mundane - a few different obstacle pattern pics

Riding Exercise #9: Yield to a Stop Goal: To be able to ride the horse forward at the walk, trot or canter on a loose rein, slide your hand down one rein and flex the horse’s head, press with your leg back by the horse’s flank, and have the horse drop down to a walk and disengage his hindquarters 360 degrees while staying soft in your hand. More about the exercise: