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"The SunGlacier, designed by artist Ap Verheggen in cooperation with Cofely Refrigeration, borrows its principles from a leaf, which naturally absorbs energy and shades from the sun. Each SunGlacier takes the form of a 200-square-meter elm leaf, outfitted with a solar paneled exterior and a PV cell coated underbelly. The structure harnesses solar energy, using it to power cooling condensers on its underside that will in turn convert moisture from the desert air into ice. As ice builds, it…

Chinese High Rise Model, (c) Milan Rohrer

The Solaris Sun Shade is a solar-powered umbrella concept that provides shade while powering a laptop and other gadgets - using solar energy to create new work and leisure spaces with the sun.


visualreverence: sadgas-art‘s AUDI A4 ROBOTS

visualreverence: “ sadgas-art's AUDI A4 ROBOTS COMMERCIAL ”


90 Surprising Solar Technologies

Solar power

Shining like a futuristic lighthouse over a barren desert this is the world’s most powerful solar power tower. The 531 foot-tall PS20 tower is capable of generating 20 mega-watts of energy by using 1,255 mirrors to harness the raw power of Mediterranean sunlight. Each mirror tracks the sun as it moves across the sky and aims light at the tower, which uses the massive heat generated to produce steam. This steam is then converted into enough electricity to power 10,000 homes and save…

Build your own solar panels, you can build a single panel or a complete array of panels, to power your home, for a fraction of retail cost.