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Tableware by ICOSAEDRO designed to be printed out at home

Debossing (embossing / letterpress)

Debossing (embossing / letterpress) - DIY - If you have access to a shop or tools - or know anyone that does - you are in business.

3D Printing Ceramics - Olivier van Herpt

3D Systems Unveils CocoJet Chocolate 3D Printer At 2015 CES Completely different focus than most, experimenting various materials such as wood, salt, and clay (versus plastic)....

Jonathan Keep Creates Chocolate 3D Printer

The Algaerium Bioprinter - The ‘Algaerium Bioprinter’ prototype demonstrates how microalgae can be cultivated in our domestic space to provide digitally printed health food on demand.

instead of having just a poor surface quality, combine 3d printing with more exquisite materials like glass marbles

LUXeXceL has previously won awards for its one-of-a-kind Printoptical 3D printing technology. With the ability to 3D print clear parts up to 20 mm in height, without the need for post-processing,. 3D printed optics from luxexcel