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<span class="readhead">Fish Traps</span><br /> Fish swim next to banks at night or move from deep holes into shallow water to feed. They can often be directed into traps from which they are unlikely to escape. <hr /> <span class="readhead">Funnel Trap

How to Make a Primitive Funnel Fish Trap that keeps on giving.

Homemade live well - laundry basket, pool noodle, zip ties. - Another great idea. Wonder how it would track behind my kayak? Will build one and test since it would only cost about $5 to build.

Duluth Pack bedroll camp. I like it even though it is a bit heavy.

<span class="readhead">Bird Traps </span><br /> Birds can be much easier to trap than mammals and should be among your first targets for a meal. <hr /> <span class="readhead">Ojibwa Bird Pole</span><br /> Set this trap in a large clearing where birds

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How to Filter and Purify Water for Survival

You can only go 3 days without water. Would you know how to filter and purify water if your life depended on it? Here are some methods you can use anywhere.

Six Primitive Traps for Catching Food in the Woods