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B-29 Superfortress dropping bombs - my dad could be in this picture somewhere. He was Z 21

"The Horse", B-17 that belly-landed at Tadji. Check out the cowlings---those engines are all individually named. The B-17 was a tough bird ... | B-29 "Black Sheep" | "Black Sheep" also named "City of Jackson" Martin-Omaha B-29-30-MO Superfortress Serial number 42-65369 61st Bomb Squadron, 39th Bomb Group, 314th Bomb Wing, 20th Air Force. This plane crashed and burned at Kadena AFB on April 12,1951.

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B-29 Bombing-up

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Why a German Pilot Escorted a U.S. Bomber to Safety During World War II

Once in a while, you hear an old war story that restores your faith in humanity. A new book explores the incredible encounter of two WWII pilots in mid-air -- a rookie American on his first bombing mission, piloting a crippled aircraft that was missing an engine and a German flying ace who not only saluted, then spared the rookie, but escorted him out of enemy airspace.