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ichthyologist: Ribbon Eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) Like many eels, the ribbon eel is sometimes thought to be angry or aggressive, because its mouth is often open, appearing ready to strike. In reality, the eel is simply breathing. Steve Childs, Flickr

A Horse Of A Different Color by DaddyNewt, via Flickr

Golden monkey by floridapfe, via Flickr

Lion-Tailed Macaque by William T Hornaday, via Flickr

A truly weird animal by Arthur Anker on Flickr.Via Flickr: A thalassematid echiuran from Madang, Papua New Guinea, an odd animal that constantly changes its shape, is “never the same” … these 6 photos show the same individual, I also made nice videos of the remarkable peristaltic movements

Furry Hears by Emyan, via Flickr

Striped Hyena Pups by santanu nandy, via Flickr

befairbefunky:  African Comet or Madagascan moon moth (Argema mimosae)

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