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Owari Kan-ryu Sojutsu / 尾張貫流槍術 by oroshi, via Flickr

Owari Kan-ryu Sojutsu / 尾張貫流槍術, via Flickr.

剣術3 Mugai Ryu

Japanese archery, Kyudo 弓道

Yamamoto Yaeko (1 December 1845 – 14 June 1932), also known as Niijima Yae, was skilled in gunnery and took part in the defense of Aizu when the Boshin War broke out in 1868. Later she served as a nurse during the Russo-Japanese War and Sino-Japanese War, and became the first woman outside of Imperial House of Japan to be decorated for her service to the country.

Shingyoto-ryu / 心形刀流 by oroshi, via Flickr

幕臣 大久保一翁。4人の将軍に仕え、勝海舟を見出すなど幕府内で影響力を持っていた。

Shinkage-ryu / 新陰流 by oroshi, via Flickr

Shingyoto-ryu / 心形刀流, via Flickr.