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London was absolutely beautiful in winter.Stone streets piled up with thick flakes of snow.The grey covered skies hid the moon in the night time sky.It looked anything but a night time sky.With its grey skies it could have easily been mistaken for an early morning.Had the streets not been empty I surly would have mistaken it for a morning.My thick wool coat and scarf was wrapped tightly around myself.In a place like this temperatures surly drop lower then they should.Temperatures..24

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scavengedluxury: Hampstead tube. London, October 2015.

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Phoenix Legend: hiromitsu: sunset02 by 2create on Flickr.

Mistress regalia 昔々、自分が少女でありO嬢であり 北端の聖なる巫女の末裔であると 自称していた一人の嘘つきが 物狂いして堕ちてゆきました。 彼女が行きついたのは、 小銭のために男に媚び 安っぽい自尊心のための嘘を垂れ流し 救済は金ヅルとのヤク中M女SEX 高慢と傲慢、色欲と物欲、虚言と虚飾 悪食と憤怒、憂鬱と怠惰、嫉妬と媚態 Thanatosさえ偽る 無責任で刹那の快楽だけの...

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