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Examples of stamps. 押し見本1-3 - 手帳スタンプ* 鳥の葉工房

押し見本4-6 - 手帳スタンプ* 鳥の葉工房


押し見本4-6 - 手帳スタンプ* 鳥の葉工房

手帳ミニスタンプ 132-151

押し見本7 - 鳥の葉工房

Leaf bird stamp workshop * notebook - sample press 4-6

押し見本4-6 - 鳥の葉工房

RYAN: You could go very simple with the action set of icons and just use the tool that applies. Seed packet, pot, watering can, trowel...and something for the last step.