Stage of Grief----According to the commonly accepted Kubler-Ross model, there are five different stages of grief. It describes, in five discrete stages, a process by which people deal with grief and tragedy, when faced with death or a catastrophic loss.

Love the soft colors and delicate clothes

What a beauty, Stella by Raurencio studio


ball jointed doll

Милана Шупа-Дуброва - by Milana Chupa-Dubrova

Benny, another gorgeous sculpt by Iplehouse. They're one of the very few bjd companies to get something other than European features right.

ボークスニュースのロリーナいいなぁ、手もいいよねぇ とかヒトリゴト言いつ...

<3 Beautiful French dolls♥

I owned a costume shop for ten years so costumes like this enthrall me. Art doll by Marina MasLova

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