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cowboy 牛仔--【笑到噴淚、四格漫畫、humor、funny、趣味-討論區 】


Top 14 des animaux qui attaquent des gens, on l’a bien cherché faut dire

【大量】クオリティが高いGIF画像を貼っていくスレ : 暇人\(^o^)/速報 - ライブドアブログ/ 危機一髪

52 seriously funny and interesting facts. that I honestly didn't know.

This dog is NOT a member of the 'hound' category of dogs

No words for how spectacular this is

That’s way too much nope… But the nope on the right is much, much nopier than the nope on the left. Which nope just makes you say "nope" the most? Comment below. :)

Meet Maru! He's now 5 years old and having as much fun as ever! :-)


15 Gifs That Are Way Awesomer In Reverse

Bro, do you even CrossFit? | 15 Gifs That Are Way Awesomer In Reverse @jemley1