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Pensive Bodhisattva, mid-7th century. Korea. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Purchase, Walter and Leonore Annenberg and The Annenberg Foundation Gift, 2003 (2003.222) | In Korea, images of the pensive bodhisattva type emerged as an important Buddhist icon during the sixth and seventh centuries, particularly in the kingdoms of Baekje and Silla. This seated figure is among the best preserved and most spectacular. #OneMetManyWorlds

Celestial Figure Emerging from a Flower, 6th-7th century. China. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1930 (30.32.42) #spring

Japanese Important Cultural Property, Statue of Nyoirin Kannon(如意輪観音菩薩坐像)

Vishnu Mounted on Garuda, early 9th century. Central Vietnam. Lent by Musée National des Arts Asiatiques–Guimet, Paris (MA3572) | The theme of Vishnu riding his celestial vehicle, the mythical eagle Garuda, was rarely represented in mainland Southeast Asia before the tenth century, when it became popular in Angkorian-period temple art. #LostKingdoms


Most significant is the central Buddha touching the earth at the moment of his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya, indicated by the branches above his head. Surrounding him are scenes of his life, each one associated with a north Indian pilgrimage center

掛軸 高畠周峰 『雲上観音』 金欄佛表装 尺五 E1-K018 The Bodhisattva of Compassion is known in Sanskrit as Avalokitesvara, in Tibetan as Chenrezig, and in Chinese as Kuan Yin.


イズム(リアル仏像) - 吉祥天(復元極彩色仕様 ) 高さ38cm -京都・浄瑠璃寺の重文吉祥天立像がモデル。

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