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NGC 7714 ~ This unusual structure is a river of Sun-like stars that has been pulled deep into space by the gravitational tug of a by a passing galaxy, not seen in this Hubble Space Telescope photo. That's because the near-collision between the galaxies happened at least 100 million years ago.

宇宙 - 写真 - ハッブルが写す宇宙 - ソンブレロ銀河 - ナショナルジオグラフィック 公式日本語サイト(ナショジオ)

2014年も、宇宙は人類を魅了した【画像集】〜地球から2300万光年離れたところにある渦巻銀河「NGC 4258」

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Hank Aaron for LOOK Magazine, 1955

Carina nebula mountaintop. A wall of space images could be amazing.


Sun activity, Oct. 22, 2011. Magnetic field lines, when these break we get flares or CME's

Orion Nebula in Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Sulfur : César Blanco González


Leftie pattern by Martina Behm

gorgeous Image from Deep Space