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The Fantastic Mr. Foxアート・カルチャー/4355-卓抜した映像センス!【ウェス・アンダーソン】監督のオシャレで奇妙な世界★

Fox Stack Painting Print - Fox Art, Wall art, animal stack, fennec, bat-eared, grey, red, arctic, corsac foxes, Totem Pole


Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Wes Anderson DOP: Robert D. Yeoman DOP Fantastic Mr. Fox: Tristan Oliver

Fox by Yusuke Yonezu.

Aha, I've just found the most diabolical plan for getting into the henhouse....!

Pierrot Le Fou


いつでも投稿、自由にカスタマイズ、お気に入りのブログを見つけてフォローしよう。 自分だけのTumblrブログを今すぐ作ろう!

My fox. I’ve been absolutely fox-obsessed for several years now. They’re gorgeous, but I think I fell in love with them after reading The Fox and The Crow by Aesop. Got this precious monster a little over a year ago at Saints & Sinners in Carrollton, TX. Done by Dave!