Affirmation stones - Positive self-affirmations and mindfulness activities - art therapy, self care

First hang up a white sheet of paper on the wall. put a flashlight on a shelf, table or another kind of stand. then trace your child's profile onto the white sheet of paper. cute it put carefully and glue it to a piece of construction paper. Collect old magazines and newspapers and have your child cut out and glue things they love!

Engage your senses to relieve stress! Check out the numerous ways to help your mind and body relieve some of your pent up stress.

Simple, DIY Peace Rocks to help YOU feel more peaceful as you move through the challenging moments of your day

.infographic sunday: mindfulness. | .erin gets gone.

Positive Self Talk

Good educational/mental health activity? Combine with soothing music and tea for a nice stress reliever.

Question Stones--easy to make and good for icebreakers in group counseling from

Negative self-talk and possible responses !

self esteem mirror love this!! could use this idea in a girls group with small individual mirrors or in individual counseling. Have students come up with their strengths and post it on a mirror.

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