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Name: Wrap Designer: Hiroomi Tahara Location: Milan, Italy Year: 2015

The Link Shelf offers an update on a classic modular shelving system

GE258 Daybed & sofa Designer: Hans J. Wegner Manufact: Getama Country: Denmark Year: 1954

Tateishi Shoiji. Chaise longue

Corner module / コーナーモジュール | Corner modules are made of single steel plate and you can make them by using our drawing. These modules make desk, shelf and lamp-shade. | コーナーモジュールは一枚の鋼板からできており、図面を利用して作ることができます。これらのモジュールが机、照明、棚などの空間要素を構成しています。 もっと見る


Astor Dining Chair

This chair is so beautiful I don't think I would ever sit in it, but rather have it in my living room for "decorative purposes only!" Astor Dining Chair |

ベンチ | Sakuraseisakusho Inc. | CN108 Bench

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Concrete canvas is a flexible concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, fire resistant and water proof concrete layer. It consists of a three-dimensional fibre matrix, containing a specially formulated dry concrete mix.