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'Fantastic helmet (kawari kabuto 変わり兜) with black-lacquered bear's head,' late 16th century, iron, black laquer, white cord by International Arts & Artists, via Flickr

タコを乗せた日本の兜を見た海外の反応 : 海外のお前ら

Samurai helmet (kabuko) shaped like an octopus. About 18th century, Japan

Japanese samurai helmet

Kabuto (helmet) in the shape of a turban shell, with gold leaf, Momoyama period, 17th century, Iron, gold, lacquer, and silk, H. of bowl, 19.3 cm, Tokyo National Museum.

Samaurai Helmet: Edo Period (17th century)

Yamamoto Kansuke armor GL-16...Sengoku period warlord. Date of birth and death unknown. Born Ushikubo Mikawa country. I have been working as a strategist of Takeda Shingen tell, and you die in battle to take responsibility for the failure of the strategy in the battle of Kawanakajima of 1561. Although many unknown part seems a real person. Has been handed down as military commander of the phantom still. Black helmet heroic armor of this large-angle characteristic is popular with many…

strange helmet