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Glow in the Dark Mushroom Growing Habitat Kit. $26.95, via Etsy.

grow your own Glow-in-the Dark Mushroom kit

紅チガヤと小菊 translates Imperata cylindrica (AKA Japanese bloodgrass,) & Chrysanthemum morifolium Note: Japanese bloodgrass is found in areas where soil has been disturbed, (roadsides, building site) Able to invade both moist & dry & forms dense monocultures; Used for thatching roofs of traditional homes throughout SE Asia & trad medicines. Indoors Chrysanthemum morifolium blooms help filter out VOCbenzene (common in glue, paint, plastics & detergent). Both plants like bright light when indoors…

Lion's Mane Mushroom Growing Log Kit. $29.95, via Etsy.


苔盆栽子はりねずみブロンズ製/アラハシラガゴケ|surou web shop

Rakuten moss bonsai child hedgehog bronze / Arahashiragagoke: surou web shop

I am SOOO going to get these for the yard. Glow in the Dark Mushroom Growing Habitat Kit by forestorganics

Crassula umbella “wine Cup”


Live Moss MIx/ Lichens Variety Assortment for Terrarium Kit Bonsai Combo Fairy Garden Crafts

Live Moss MIx/ Lichens for Terrarium Kit Bonsai Combo Garden Crafts. $15.89, via Etsy.