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Natto - Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis. This food is very common for Japanese meal time, since it is really good for health. However, it kind of has a unique smell. Because of that, some people do not like it.

Japanese Pickled Ginger Recipe

Kuzumochi 船橋屋元祖くず餅

Japanese food: Kabocha Nimono - squash in dashi broth

Japanese salmon

Oden, a Tasty Japanese Hot Pot Dish, at Home

Oden (Japanese winter stew)



Japanese Food - Yaki Onigiri, Grilled Rice Ball with Spicy Miso

Japanese broiled eel on rice

Cocina japonesa para principiantes. Variedades de setas japonesas

エノキ茸,日本料理,しいたけ,アジアのレシピ,Mushrooms Esp,Dislike Mushrooms,Japanese Mushrooms,Skinny Mushrooms,Pretty Japanese