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And sometimes we just have to cry. | 23 Times Tumblr's Love For Captain America Got It Right

Captain America the Winter Soldier

I think Captain Rogers is having some bicep envy from Thor. My eyes are not complaining.

First of all, how. dare. you. But this is the best thing like ever! I am crying and smiling at the same time! *sits on ground and begins crying bitterly*

Captain A and Peggy fan art. This makes me so ridiculously angry. That they never got their dance and then the winter soldier happened and it all makes me want to go destroy marvel for sinking my favorite ship.

and that makes him a true hero #marvel

The saddest thing about Avengers: Age of Ultron.... Scarlet Witch was my favorite, and I definitely related to her for this very reason ♥️

5/6 2:14a had a ridiculous headache last night... Today was my day off so i ran errands and went grocery shopping w my momma. Went out to eat w Mikes family for his moms bday. Picked up a friend at the airport around 12ish go home a lil while ago, waiting to shower now. I wish i could have seen the movie w you, even if i dont like going to premieres, hope it was as good as winter soldier. Sweet dreams.


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