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パズルを解かないと次のページに進めない機械仕掛けの木製パズル本「Codex Silenda」 - グノシー -

John Harrison’s first "sea clock", called H1, was tested on a return voyage to Portugal in 1736. It proved to be the most accurate clock ever to go to sea, but didn't quite manage to collect the £20,000 prize offered by the British government for solving the longitude problem. H1 had many novel features. A system of swinging balances and springs prevented the ship's motion affecting its workings, and it never needed lubricating.

いったいどんな仕組み?美しい螺旋を描く「蛇口」がすごい! | iemo[イエモ]


2016年の流行さきどり!商用可のスケッチ&水彩ペイント用デザインキット The Digital Designer’s Artistic Toolkit

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Thumbnail #2 - Clock work orrery

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Nocturnal celestial star dial pendant, Italy, 17th century.

ふわふわ 猫ポストカード

Modular Tableware Inspired By Kids' Building Blocks

V A R I A - g a i a b o t t a r i / #marble