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Hades and Persephone

Mithridates VI, King of Pontus (c. 134 - 63 BC), claimed Alexander the Great and Darius of Persia as ancestors. This Greco-Persian king challenged the power of Rome in the first century BC. His followers looked to Mithradates as a savior who would free them from harsh Roman occupation, taxation, exploitation, and slavery. He was feared as a second Hannibal. In 88 BC he massacred 80,000 Roman citizens, and seized Greece and Anatolia. Romans were hated and resented for their oppression and…

The Odor of Pomegranates - Platinum print - Zaida Ben-Yusuf c. 1899

Head of a woman Aspasia of Miletos Greek

Antinous as Dionysus. 130-138 CE. Roman. marble relief.

Midori Yamada (pomegranate stained feet)

Faunus (Pan), Roman statue (marble), 1st century AD, (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).


Dressing a Priestess or Bride, fresco excavated in the palaestra of the Forum Baths at Herculaneum.

Archaic Kore statue, Kore also known as Persephone, she is daughter of Demeter - circa 550-500 BC, from ancient Attica