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Hetalia 30 day challenge, who would you party with : Once again my answer is America. I feel as if we would just be having more fun then there was ment hateing and we still wouldn't care.

Hetalia- America YES!

by 庭 - Hetalia - America (Alfred F. Jones)

This is amazing, showing Alfred by the Vietnam memorial in DC ♥ Sad but beautiful (America/Alfred F. Jones - Hetalia - By Upsilon-Rassilon on Deviantart)

Hetalia - America / Alfred F. Jones

Hetalia America

by らむ- Hetalia - America (Alfred F. Jones)

Aw...Alfred looks so sweet here! - Art by よon Pixiv (yousan on Zerochan)

Hetalia 30 day challenge- #4 I would love to go shopping with Liechtenstein! We would buy cute outfits for each other, and I would hug her to death!