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Late model Pz IV Special of the Afrika Korps in Tunisia, 1943.

The superstructure of this Panzer IV Ausf. D has been up-armored with spaced amour.

German soldiers of the 24th Panzer Division, 4th Panzer Army, guard the Stalingrad-Karpovka railroad west of Stalingrad which had just been captured by their division. Near Stalingrad (now, Volgograd), Volgograd Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union. 31 August 1942.

January 1944: column of Panzer IV Ausf. H from Pz.-Regt. 35 (4. Pz.-Div.) on Eastern front.

Jewish man. Warsaw during World War II. Poland September 1939 or October 1939

Two newly assembled Möbelwagen armed with 3,7 cm Fla.K. 43 on Panzer IV Ausf. J hull.

21 April '41: Rommel awarded with the Italian Medal for bravery in silver. Few Panzer III Tropen in the foreground. Rommel's leadership of German and Italian forces in the North African campaign established him as one of the most able commanders of the war, and earned him the appellation of the Desert Fox. He is regarded as one of the most skilled commanders of desert warfare in the conflict.