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Detail: a beautiful version of Takehisa Yumeji's Snowy Day by Master wood engraver/printer Motoharu Asaka. It lives in the relief print room. Many thanks to Louise Rouse for arranging his visit and her talk on Japanese Printmaking. For those who missed his visit, his website is (thank you Julie for the photo).

Kipling Estate by Louise Hayward, created by using engraving and lino-cutting tools on relief surfaces including plastic plates, wood and lino. (Thank you Jo).

Yumeji Takehisa

Lynd Ward - Wood Engraving for Alec Waugh's "Most Women..." (1931) by Thomas Shahan 3, via Flickr

Yumeji Takehisa

Yumeji Takehisa 1884-1934 - Collection of Cats Ca. 1920 - 30. "Neko Zukushi" (Collection of Cats). The very rare uncut collection of cat prints. The girl holding a black cat was Oyo, a lover of Yumeji. Yumeji Takehisa has been considered as the main figure who propelled “Taisho romanticism”. The dreamy, fragile looking girls Yumeji invented in his works were so popular during 1900 - 1930s that they became the cultural icon of the Taisho - early Showa era.

Yumeji Takehisa

japanese book illustrations (neville trickett, flickr)

These images come from ten albums of flora containing more than 700 images from the Museum at the University of Tokyo: honzo database (english home page). [via armchair aquarium annex].

Cuban Red Macaw, relief print in progress, by Sarah Nicholls, 2014.