"Where's the beef?" (Often-quoted Wendy's TV ad starring Clara Peller, 1984.)

"My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R..." (TV commercial)

Pogo Ball #80s #toys

Friday night skate parties, complete with disco ball and strobe lights! Oh, and fat comb sticking out of back pocket.

Life cereal commercial starring "Mikey"

"Mr. Magoo" cartoon TV show

drive-in movie fun,fun,fun

In the 80's, I had this exact boom box in mint green. I recorded many a song from the radio on this | http://your-cartoon-photo-collections.blogspot.com

Used to carry these in my lunch box

バーモント州国,思い出,小児期,古いおもちゃ,それを愛する,私の子供の頃,スタッフ,Pokey Bendables,Pokey Toys

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